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New updated gallery image "Small Town Glow"

Blaine FrangerComment

Love it when we’re able to share new gallery images! This one is actually a bit different as it’s an updated version of an image created 10 years ago! “Small Town Glow” has been a very popular image in the gallery and we couldn’t help but notice how much the town and waterfront areas of Hood River have changed over the years! While out shooting on a stunning evening in Spring 2019 I had the opportunity to re-photograph the scene and love the new look!

Another bonus is that “Small Town Glow” is available in two different ratio proportions, 2:3 standard and 2:6 panoramic. The prints are absolutely stunning- hope you’re able to see them in person at the gallery or purchase a print for yourself!

Check out the product pages for more details:

"Small Town Glow"

"Small Town Glow - Panorama"

Hood River & Mt Hood, Oregon

“Small Town Glow” standard 2:3 format

“Small Town Glow” 30x45” Metal Print

“Small Town Glow” 30x45” Metal Print

“Small Town Glow - Panorama” 2:6 format

“Small Town Glow - Panorama” 20x60” Metal Print

“Small Town Glow - Panorama” 20x60” Metal Print

100% view of the highly detailed high-resolution file. Stunning!