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new gallery image "Gorge Goodness"

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We’ve been keeping this image a little secret down at the Gallery and are finally sharing here on the web now! Introducing “Gorge Goodness”, continue below for behind the scenes photos and the whole story :)

“Gorge Goodness” - Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Photographed in October 2018, this is an image I’ve been envisioning and dreaming of capturing for over 5 years! Located in an area of the Columbia River Gorge only accessible by water, I had dozens of failed attempts to capture this scene over the course of many years using my Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) to access the scene. Time and time again I was returning back home, paddling in the dark and sometimes windy conditions, without the image I so wanted to capture. Then along comes a great deal on an older little family ski boat! A tool for the craft and a toy for the family, yeah!

This image means so much more to me because it was a shared experience with my youngest child Otis (age 2) which is so meaningful to me. He couldn’t have been more content and happy to be hangin’ with Daddy out on an adventure!

Here’s a few aerial drone photos we took while on our way out to the scene! Boat art :)

Upon arrival at the scene we scoped out the compositions and realized the only way to capture this scene was to balance the tripod & camera on top of a stump in the water while we remained in the boat. Yes, absolutely terrifying!

When a scene and experience like this comes all comes together, you start running on adrenaline knowing that the light only lasts moments and you have one attempt at “nailing the shot”. As the sunset light and color just absolutely went crazy in front of me, I was so thankful for the experience and even got to take in a few moments to just gaze at the scene in front of my eyes. WOW! Heading back towards the marina we took our time, enjoying the warm Fall night and seeing all the sights of the bridge and passing boats. Such special times together I’ll never forget, hopefully Otis too! ;-)

Thanks for following along and I hope to do more of these behind the scenes looks at how images are created and the stories behind them!

Check out “Gorge Goodness” in the shop here:

Or come on in the gallery and see it as displayed below!

“Gorge Goodness” 30x60” Metal Print framed with a 4” Dark Coffee frame, stunning! Come check it out in person at the gallery 😍