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After you decide on the image(s) you love most, simply just go to the products page in the SHOP, select the size, format and click "PURCHASE". Items will be added to your cart and you can pay with any major credit card on the checkout page, where you'll also input your name/shipping address, etc. If you'd prefer, feel free to send us an email, give us a call, or make an appointment to visit the gallery and we'd be happy to take care of you any of those ways too.

Can I order an image that isn't included in the shop? 

Absolutely. We are constantly out photographing and publishing new work on our various social media outlets. Choosing which images to feature in the SHOP is a difficult task, and only a small percentage of new work actually ends up being featured in the shop. We realize people love certain images for many different reasons. Maybe you have a special connection to a certain location, or you witnessed a beautiful sunset and then later realized we were photographing it, and so many more possible reasons. We've created a special product HERE for this purpose. Just choose your size/print format and add to the cart, you'll then be asked to specify which image you intend to purchase.

I want to order something but can't decide what, can you help? 

We'd love to. Please send us a message with some info about what you're most interested in (locations & subjects, mood & feel, etc), some info about the space you need to fill, and your budget as well. Also, new technology allows us to send you a preview of how an image(s) will look on your own wall. We just need you to take a photo of the space and send it to us. Please get in touch on the contact page for more info. 

Can I order a custom size?  

Yes, we can do custom sizes. Custom sizes are typically for EXTRA LARGE pieces that need to fill a huge wall, or maybe fit just right in a unique space. Please get in touch on our contact page with info about what you're looking for and we'll discuss details. 

  • Metal prints are available in sizes up to 96 inches 
  • Canvas prints are available in sizes up to 110 inches 
  • Traditional prints are available in sizes up to 120 inches


Because orders from our website are manually processed and fulfilled to ensure the highest quality, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery but the work will most often arrive much sooner. Large artworks sometimes require freight shipping, which may take additional time. We'll do our best to get your products delivered in a timely manner and will keep you updated if there happen to be any delays.  

Do you offer rush service? 

If you need an order rushed, we can often accommodate this but it's not guaranteed. Please make a note in the Order Notes / Additional Info / Special Requests area of the checkout page. Please note, rush fees may apply. 

do you offer discounts?

We are committed to offering high quality artwork at affordable prices and believe in pricing our products fairly. We don't plan to offer any regular sales, but join our email list to be the first to find out if we are offering any sales or promotions. If you are interested in purchasing multiple pieces (3+) for your home or office, please contact us directly and we'd be happy to discuss your needs and a possible discount.


  • We offer FREE shipping on ALL orders in the continental 48 US States via UPS, FedEx, or USPS.
  • Alaska and Hawaii have a $100 minimum shipping surcharge because of the added fees for shipping to those states.
  • Countries outside the USA have a $150 minimum shipping surcharge because of the added fees for shipping to outside the country.  
  • Please note, if your order needs freight or special shipping for Alaska, Hawaii, or countries outside the USA, there may be additional fees and we will contact you with a more exact quote before processing your order. 


Because of the customized nature of our prints, sales are final and we cannot accept returns. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, please let us know and if possible, we'll discuss options to exchange your item, but this is not guaranteed. If your item arrives damaged in anyway, please let us know ASAP and take photo documentation of the packaging, print, etc. 



We do not offer framing at this time. The advantage of Metal and Canvas Wrap formats is that they don't require any framing and arrive ready to hang on your wall. Traditional prints require framing to be a finished piece that is ready to hang on your wall. We recommend you work with your local frame shop to have your traditional prints framed. Please see more info about our print formats at the products / pricing page.

What kind of printers/papers are used? 

Metal prints are made using a highly advanced printing process which involves infusing dyes into specially coated aluminum sheets at a very high temperature. Canvas prints (also called Giclée) are inkjet printed onto museum quality, archival, canvas paper with a protective laminate coating. Traditional prints are a "lightjet" process where the traditional photo-sensitive paper is exposed digitally, and processed using traditional photo chemicals using Kodak/Fuji Lustre or Metallic paper. 


We do not limit the amount of times our work will be reproduced. We believe because of the easily reproducible nature of photographic prints, limiting the edition of our images would un-necessarily inflate the prices, and make the artwork out of reach for most budgets which is not our desire. We are a small independent business though, and it's highly unlikely that any of our works will sell enough that they're no longer unique and special. 


After several years of testing quality and service at many different labs, our gallery has partnered with a few of the finest professional photo labs in the country who utilize cutting edge technologies, with the best archival ratings, and amazing service to top it off. 


By default, we include a small "digital signature" on the lower right side of the work. If you do not wish to have this included on the print, please make sure to indicate this in the order notes on the checkout page. Because the work is shipped directly from our trusted photo lab to your doorstep, signing by hand isn't a possibility.