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Introducing Blaine + Bethany Gallery!

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Whew, our first blog post at Blaine + Bethany Gallery! It's been a long and exciting journey expanding our wedding & portrait business (Blaine + Bethany Photography) to now include Blaine + Bethany Gallery. We've been keeping VERY busy with wedding & portrait photography for the past 10 years but have also been doing ton of landscape, nature, and underwater photography all over the world. Only a very small percentage of this work has been edited and published, but countless amounts of people have been saying "I want this on my walls! How do I buy your work?" and we've never had a good way of displaying and selling the work, until now! We're honored that people from all over the world want to hang our work on the walls of their homes and offices. 

The website Blaine + Bethany Gallery will be the main outlet for viewing and ordering our work, but in addition to this we have created a beautiful gallery space in downtown Hood River, Oregon. We'd love to have you visit our gallery, so please check out the VISIT THE GALLERY page for more info, directions, and to make an appointment.

Downtown Hood River Gallery

Downtown Hood River Gallery

Slideshow of our first "Sneak Preview" show on First Friday May 1, 2015